Welcome to the conservation village of Bushmills, the village has over eighty listed building of architectural importance. . Here you will find a links to information about the village and also walking tours of the village. Throughout the village we have installed finger signs and at twenty locations QR coded plaques for you to scan and find out more information. For walking tours of the village please visit Bushmills Walking Tours, a dedicated village tour with qualified local guides.


The village provides the arrival point and Park & Ride services to the Unesco World Heritage site at the Giant's Causeway, it is also home to the Old Bushmills Whiskey Distillery.


The village is ideally placed on a crossing point for the river Bush and located on the designated Causeway Coastal Route. The village developed during the early 160Os after the demise of Dunluce, a vibrant merchant village that surrounded Dunluce Castle. The water powered industries and  later discovery of the Giant's Causeway led to the village becoming  the centre for the surrounding rural area.